VST related stuff

Sylenth1 Presets
86 Presets for Sylenth1.

Digits Presets
30 Presets for Digits.

Z3TA+2 Presets
196 Presets for Z3TA+2.

Crystal Presets
64 presets for Crystal.

OBXD Presets
66 presets for OBXD.

Rapture Presets
203 presets & 41 wavetables for Cakewalk Rapture.

Synth1 Presets
3 banks for Synth1

TAL-NoiseMaker Presets
114 Presets for TAL-NoiseMaker

Rebuild U - Oatmeal Presets
64 Presets for Oatmeal

DUNE BE Presets
121 Presets for DUNE BE

Snow & Rust - Oatmeal Presets
167 Presets for Oatmeal

Charlatan Presets
64 Presets for Charlatan

TyrellN6 Presets
101 Presets for TyrellN6

Kamioooka Presets
43 Presets for Kamioooka
March 30,2013 Corresponds to the version 1.07!

MauSynth Presets
64 Presets for MauSynth
#CCZero PublicDomain (CC01.0)